People’s Books Newsletter – Issue 2

It’s here! The second issue of the PBC Newsletter is out. You can read up on some of the happenings at People’s Books, and we hope you enjoy the creative and insightful contributions of our volunteers and local writers.

PBC Newsletter Winter 2014


We’re looking for After School Program Leaders!

People’s Books Cooperative is looking for 3 creative, flexible, and patient after school leaders to fill once a month volunteer shifts from 3 – 6pm on Mondays.

Drop-in attendance tends to be less than 10 kids around the ages of 8 – 12. Kids tend to arrive around 3:30 / quarter to 4.

After school leaders are responsible for coming up with one or two activities per day and have access to craft supplies and a small library of children’s books. After school leaders are also responsible for giving homework help to youth on an as-needed basis.

Activities do not need to be complex! Past activities have included collaborative writing games, making dress-up clothing from old fabric, button making, ABC book making, collage, word games, seed bomb making, bird feeders, zine making, dramatic book readings / charades, and valentines to book characters. You will have access to a variety of board games and craft supplies for kids to use after they complete the activity for the day.


1) Be in store for the full day 3 – 6pm
2) come up with an activity / materials OR designate that responsibility to someone else.
3) If the person you designate responsibility to doesn’t show up, or if kids finish the activity and are still hanging out, improvise / put out games / keep kids entertained
4) clean up.

Shifts needed:

1st Monday – 3 to 6pm
2nd Monday – 3 to 6pm
3rd Monday – taken
4th Monday – 3 to 6pm

Must also be available to fill a rotating 5th Monday shift as needed.

Must be available to stop in for at least a half hour on September 15th to briefly shadow and get a tour. RSVP


People’s Books Newletter is back!

It’s been a while, but we are excited to inform you that the People’s Books Co-op Newsletter is back! This newsletter will serve as a means to keep you apprised of the happenings at PBC, as well as other area cooperative goings-on, local issues, book reviews, film reviews, local poetry, selections from local novelist’s work, art and much more. Check out our latest release!

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