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Max-Arthur Mantle read from and discusses Batty Bwoy

Join us August 23rd at 2pm, at People’s Books Co-op, 804 E. Center St.

The coming of age story of Mark Palmer, a black, gay, Jamaican where “Boom bye bye inna batty bwoy head” (Gunshot to gay men) has replaced the island’s motto “Out of many one people.” The son of an overbearing, absentee, neglectful mother, he is thrust in an environment that requires a thick skin from torments and socio-economic disparities. Suppressing his “gay tendencies” to detract being bashed or murdered, he migrates to America and breaks free from the closet to a world where he is disenfranchised and arrested. As his life spirals from bad choices, he clings to desperate measures and finds hope.

Jamaican born author Max-Arthur Mantle studied Journalism at Howard University and served in the US Navy. He is an avid painter and self-preserving enthusiast residing in Miami.

NARAL Talks Books: “The Sex Myth” with Rachel Hills

Join Rachel Hills, August 28th at 6pm, at People’s Books Co-op, 804 E. Center St.

Join us in conversation with author Rachel Hills (Cosmo, Jezebel) as we talk about her debut book, “The Sex Myth: the Gap Between Our Fantasies and Reality”.

Equal parts social commentary, pop culture, and powerful personal anecdotes from people across the English-speaking world, “The Sex Myth” exposes the invisible norms and unspoken assumptions that shape the way we think about sex today.

We’ll be chatting with Rachel about modern day sexuality and what it means for reproductive rights