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Student Information

You may not know this but People’s Books Cooperative offers textbooks for a multitude of UW-Milwaukee courses.
We strive to keep our prices competitive and offer the same perks as the larger area bookstores.

What are the advantages of purchasing your textbooks through Peoples Books Cooperative?

To the Student

  • 10% + discount available on all new books
  • Heavily discounted used books
  • Book rentals
  • Textbook Buyback program – We offer a higher buyback percentage on the cover price so students get more cash back. We also offer a buyback option on more titles than our competitors.
  • Delivery anytime -we offer bicycle delivery to students who might need a book right away but can’t come pick it up at our store; mail delivery within days is also a fast, convenient option.
  • Less than a mile from campus, on the #22 bus line, and ample, convenient parking
  • shorter lines
  • Late hours: we will be open until 8pm during the semester
  • Exposure to alternative books and ideas
  • An opportunity for students to have a voice within a local, cooperatively run business
  • Access to book exchanges throughout the Riverwest and East Side areas.

To the Community

  • Keeps money in the local economy
  • Promotes social justice
  • Encourages sustainable development
  • Provides public education
  • Celebrates the uniqueness of the community
  • You make the mulit-cultural Riverwest area community a destination

If your textbooks are not available at PBC, your instructor may not have ordered through us.  We urge you to inform your instructor that you would like to have your texts available through us.

If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to ask.  You can email us at info@peoplesbookcoop.org, or call us at 414-962-0575.