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Textbook Courier Service

We at People’s Books Co-op, in conjunction with the fine folks at Flavor Cycle, now offer delivery of your textbooks to your door.

The details are as follows:

  • Anywhere Flavor Cycle delivers, your textbooks will be delivered. The UWM Campus, East Side, Riverwest, Downtown, you should be covered.  The delivery zone area is concise and localized to each People’s Books Co-op which makes it quite easy for the Flavor Cycle riders to deliver your textbooks to your doorstep within 15 minutes of leaving the cooperative.
  • Next Day delivery = $6
  • Same Day Service = $11
  • Rain or Snow, your books will be delivered.  The bags used to transport books are all-weather proof.
  • What if you are not around for your scheduled drop off?  There will  inevitably be a give and take of a couple minutes.  However, if we have to wait, you don’t get your books and you are out the delivery fee.  We work hard to schedule the best possible time for you.  If you say a time works, be there.  We certainly will.   And, in the off chance awe are not, we will ensure we are find you in as little time as possible.  And we comp you the fee
  • Why bicycles?  How about, why not bicycles!  Let’s go over the obvious advantages:  Zero emissions, no parking or traffic delays, one less delivery car speeding through your neighborhood, the warm fuzzy feeling you get by not having to leave your place-particularly in the winter months.

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